You Are Not Human

For almost six millennia, people argue about the nature of God and reality. This is the underlying conflict that manifests as anything from religious zealotry or nationalism to misogyny and misandry. In its most benign form it appears as heated philosophical debates where all sides try to win the argument in order to validate their picture of world.

The root problem, as well as solution, should be obvious from the previous paragraph. The key is the “picture of world”. The worldview. The image of God and reality. The Golden Calf that people try to defend and rationalize.

Recently, I came across a discussion where the main root of all disagreements was whether God is a person or a creative principle. Ironically enough, both parties imagined person as a human being and creative principle as an (abstract) impersonal whatever. Thus accordingly, both parties argued why God cannot be one or the other and why, subsequently, reality must be this or that way.

I find that particular problem quite interesting since it is the epitome of what I’m trying to communicate — it is true that God is a person as well as a creative principle and it is also true that human was “created in God’s image”.


Human being is not a person because of human body or human mind (which is essentially and literally human body), but because of first person perspective which is no other than God in person. Still, God, who “endows” each and every (not only) human being with personhood, is also the (directly) unknowable creative principle.

Yes, God appears hidden, yet is in plain sight, because, even if you can never perceive your true nature, you are that what you are at all times wherever you may be. And you can know that since knowledge and existence are one and the same.

That’s why to end the confusion one must know God. Know the unknowable. Know oneself.

Alas, people are so preoccupied with building the tower of civilization to reach God(-hood) that they fail to notice that they never left Eden. And so they continue to argue in their confounded languages not able to understand one another’s speech. It’s only natural because, if nothing else, causality works perfectly and the responsibility for our choices (or lack of thereof which is a choice in itself) is ours and ours alone whether we can appreciate it or not.

Well, bliss based in ignorance is no bliss at all.




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