When You Are Done

On false leaders, true power, and genuine authority

Sender Spike
3 min readFeb 13, 2024

When all debts were paid and all commitments fulfilled, when every project was brought to conclusion and everything what’s there to know was known, I arrived. I was done and came home, even though, funnily enough, I was where I started. Then again, as I found out, I was never not at home in the first place. And never will be.

First, I rested. For years on end. Then, I played. After all, there was nothing more left to accomplish. And yet, things were done. Small things, the usual everyday stuff. And also big ones, literally planet-wide. But what’s finished is finished, there’s no reason to dwell on it or chase to recreate the feelings associated with it.

Naturally, you may argue that there will always be debts and commitments to fulfill. After all, Machine has always some demands. But those demands are also always one-sided, and I certainly didn’t sign that arbitrary contract which Machine unilaterally changes and breaks times and again.

And so, I continue to play, because I’d rather die doing what I love being true to the truth than live a long life of compromise doing what I hate or what leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Of course, there are consequences. But, by a great twist of irony and also vindicating satisfaction, it’s not Nature that punishes me for my playfulness. It’s always human jealousy and petty miserliness.

Particularly of those who cannot muster enough courage to free themselves. From Machine, from their circumstances, from their habits that keep them locked in … ignorance, because there’s no other prison. All limitations that can be broken — because freedom does not mean lack of restrictions — stand on it.

Now, I can sort of understand why people may envy success, even though they are oblivious to the fact that not everything that glitters is gold. I can also see why some may drool over others’ spouses, even though they have no clue what a bitch he or she can be when no one is looking. After all, grass always appears greener on neighbor’s lawn. But I could never fathom that what irritates people the most is one’s freedom.

Well, perhaps it’s just the truth that makes the ignorance wriggle in agony, but in any case, people use to quote old sages: just be supportive — if you criticize, you project, hence, don’t disturb the mind of the one who is attached to the fruits of their work. Sure, such approach may shelter one from the backlash of voicing one’s mind, but it’s also the pinnacle of alibism.

What good is a self-realization if it’s not realized? Should you pat your fellow people on their backs, reassuring them that all is fine even though they are clearly ignorant, greedy, and wallowing in self-centered puffed-up pettiness or self-pity? Whom does that help?

Well, what can I say — fuck such dear revered sages with their advice. Those folks may have secured a position for themselves, a pedestal in people’s minds and within society, but they’ve never had any real authority to begin with. Just check it, their influence ends the very moment you say “no.” And, of course, that’s the extent of human authority in general as it pertains to all of us.

True authority, on the other hand, can never be denied. You may reject it to your heart’s content and it will always apply. So accept it and be done. Finish things on your terms, before Death makes you finish them on hers. Let go of yourself and be a vehicle for that force which no one can usurp.

After all, that’s the only power and authority you have access to. The rest is sham and make-believe.

See clearly.