War Is Over and We Have Lost

The value of value and the end of civilization

Sender Spike
4 min readJun 12, 2019


Were you ever at a wedding party or a funeral and, out of the blue, that sudden though occurred to you, what would happen if I’ll, loudly shouting, climb on top of the table, pull my pants down, and make a nice smelly pile? Whether you can relate or not, that is how what we call human civilization started.

Someone somewhere in some moment in history had this magnificent idea of imposing a rigid structure on a body of human beings, and in extension to the whole cosmos.

The exact reasons remain unknown. It really may have been forces of darkness, or those pesky evil immaterial aliens from the depths of cosmos, or just a plain stupid idea from the abyss of some disturbed mind, which at the time seemed fabulous and practical. It really does not matter how you name it, what image or story you attach to it. That’s merely semantic gymnastics — what matters is the observable outcome, and no amount of nuance will mitigate it.

The beginning of this affair strangely corresponds with the invention of monetary credit (and debt) systems and writing, which occurred roughly five thousand years ago at the dawn of bronze age. Is it a coincidence that the vast bulk of records from that time deal with business operations and laws regulating it? Not that different from today.

Well, I guess my brother-in-law was right in his observation that since Ur nothing has really changed — only technology evolved, which put a tremendous advantage in the hands of those who owned and controlled it.

Anyway, the foundations of today’s civilization were laid down, and with them the structure of human society.

During the millennia that followed, humanity had tried and lived through many iterations of this structure. Horizontal, vertical, collectivist, individualist, matriarchal, patriarchal, religious, humanistic, and so on and so forth (and then some more and their combinations) only to observe that they all lead to the same outcome — inequality and strife. But that is to be expected when at the core of all these configurations is money, which is, not surprisingly, a form of advanced technology, too.

I guess, the original idea played tricks at another of the misguided human propensities, namely the one to evaluate things (out of fear of death, I guess), to try to make clear distinctions between good and bad, which however are mere illusions — a CEO is not worth more that any of the workers they command (to use a contemporary language), and neither is any worker more important than their CEO (you can substitute CEO for any title of a leader and worker for any of their subjects).

Can someone elucidate me — how much is sunshine? Or laws of nature? Simply speaking, value is overvalued. Furthermore, value does not exist in itself — that is a pure mind construct.

So yeah, humanity lost the war to one stupid idea from a long time ago and is nowadays hopelessly enslaved, kept in place by money (as a placeholder of value), without which you cannot do a thing today, not only buy or sell. Truly, the mark of the beast.

Now, there is a countermeasure, and it’s pretty straightforward — just verify that you are “all-that-is”. You know, “reach” that fabled spiritual enlightenment.

There’s no way you could continue with your old ways after realization of your true nature. Sure, within the confines of human civilization as it is today, it will most probably cost you the current life that you experience (literally and even physically), because try to live virtuously without any compromise.

So, the countermeasure for the humanity as a whole can be effective only on a mass scale. But with the billions of beings still believing in value and money, it’s impossible. And the outcry, “I have to put some food on the table,” is a very poor excuse even if you feel that you are merely forced to comply with the status quo, when in reality it translates to the same outcome — in other words, it does not matter whether you truly believe or just tag along.

“Like the dinosaur,” to quote the classic, “you had your time.” Humanity was a promising concept, but as all things that go extreme, it, too, will be leveled, because the tendency to return to equilibrium is embedded in the fabric of this manifested world.

But never mind — it makes no difference when you know that you are immortal and endless; when you reside outwith time and space; when you know yourself as creator, the act of creation, and the created itself; when the universe is but a beautiful marble, a pastime of sorts, to explore your infinite possibilities.

Good luck trying to evaluate that.