Useful Idiots


Call me paranoid, or a conspiracy theorist, but something smells fishy. For some time I could not make sense of the situation in which we found ourselves in these unsettling days, but then something occurred to me.

But first things first.

Many of you know the following video, but just in case you don’t, it shows Barack Obama cracking jokes at Donald Trump’s expense during White House Correspondents Dinner in 2011.

The video clearly demonstrates that current US president was part and parcel of the highest glamour of this world, but as it seems, he was always treated as an idiot that he, obviously, was and still is. Basically, a sort of fifth wheel, tolerated but frowned upon — an unhinged weirdo to whom no debauchery or craziness is foreign.

Now, whatever we make of Bilderberg meetings (which are by definition a conspiracy of influential people to determine the way of life for the vast majority of people without their consent), or all the powerful and wealthy lobbyist, whether secret or in plain sight, it’s obvious that in human history there were always tendencies for “final solutions” and it’s also clear that after WWII the elites realized that cooperation is better than competition.

It’s better to come to a truce, divide the Earth among the 0.1% based on some kind of agreement and establish themselves as final rulers, because the unwashed masses cannot govern themselves anyway. It may very well be that those in power honestly believe they are doing us all a favor. In any case, for the uppermost echelons it is a win-win solution.

But looking through the optics of the kings, there is one huge logistic problem with this plan.

There’s no way all the lowly plebeians would willingly agree to it, and there is also too much of them — the few thousand at the top don’t need billions of slaves. And just think about the cost of feeding, clothing, or sheltering those slaves.

So, if I was in control of world’s capital, I would use the idiots among the 0.1% to execute a crucial part of a stupendous plan — I would play at their ego and let them rise to power worldwide, I would let them abuse the population to the limits, and when the last straw would break, I would watch from distance as these idiots go down at the hands of angry masses whom I would assist from behind the curtains.

Then I would step in, via well established PR stunts, securing peace and order. I would top it off with punishing the violent mob that put down the dictators, and I would keep and praise the meek and subservient. And that would leave me without undesirable people in my own ruling circles as well as undesirable people in general. Victory on all fronts.

And just a notice, I would be patient and opportunistic to minimize the danger of being caught red-handed.

Well, and when all would be finished and done, I would seize the moment while the remaining masses are in the state of initial relief to lock them into a system in a way that they would realize only later that they cannot escape, only die. If at all, as the best outcome would be if the slaves were eternally grateful for their liberation from the palpable evil (one of the reasons I think that Trump is despised among his peers is that he cannot keep the facade of respectability and is too obvious, which is also the reason why his cult loves him).

OK, now you can take off the tinfoil hat.

This was just a short mental exercise, which took me as long as it took me to write this article. Now, imagine what plans can exist in the heads of people who dream about world domination for several generations and have the material means to actually make it real.

Horrendous thought, if you ask me.

More food for thought

A day ago Barack Obama posted this. In his speech, he tries to calm down the situation and prompts people to return to normal by essentially all those standard “motions” that proved futile over the course of history. He also links to few organizations that should be pivotal in affecting the desired change if only people would support them more. I checked all those “solutions” he links to, and although the portfolio of all those organizations in terms of passed legislation and also other activities is pretty impressive, still, here we are (e.g. despite all efforts, police homicide is steadily on the rise). Honestly, I’ll rather think those people are simply incompetent (if that’s any kind of solace).




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