The Covenant

God is alive and kicking. It’s who you really are. I am who I am¹, the existence-consciousness-bliss². The way the truth and the life³ — the son of man that is the son of God at the same time. Once you stop and align with Tao, once you realize your Buddha nature, it is unassailably revealed — everything is One. And you are that.

It is striking that only Abrahamic tradition struggles with this truth. Indeed, only Jews, Christians, and Muslims (sans rare mystics) twisted this fact into misguided dogma which prevents them to ever really know the one who is called (hidden) God — the Name. And even though Eastern traditions preserved this part of knowledge, they lost their way by succumbing to idolatry, but that is a topic for another time (and pertains to all three Abrahamic religions, too).

It should not come as a surprise, that Abrahamic tradition also lost sight of what actually constitutes The Covenant, The Law. Once you know yourself it becomes obvious, because it’s common sense. What’s more, the information is preserved and can still be found in Tanakh, Bible, and also Qur’an.

So, the whole written Torah reads as follows:

1. I, from which everything originates, am your Name.
2. Have no other gods or images of Me that you may worship.
3. Don’t use the Name to defend your actions or speech.
4. Remember that seventh day is the day of resting in wholeness.
5. Honor the causality of creation so you may live long⁷.
6. No killing.
7. No adultery.
8. No stealing.
9. No lying.
10. No coveting.

Yes, that is all. That is the Torah in its entirety⁴. Nothing else should have ever been written⁵. Alas human greed twisted the (so called) God’s word, added and removed, then codified, even if people were explicitly told (by the wise ones) not to, because it was clear that doing so would inevitably lead to a power-hungry legalistic society we have today.

And yes, you can find these Ten Words all across the globe and cultures⁶.

Those are no mere coincidences.

¹ ”Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh”, Exodus 3:14
² “
Aham Brahmasmi
John 14:6
Exodus 24:12
⁵ see
Exodus 34:27–28 as compared to Leviticus 27:34
Yoga, Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism, Islam
⁷ The same causality that created you. Hence, “Honor your mother and father.”




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