Ninety Nine Cents — Extended

Sender Spike
3 min readNov 7, 2023

If you didn’t read the article in the link below, you better read it because I will continue where I left off and therefore the things I am about to write down may make no sense to you.

So, without further ado: Siddhartha turned Buddha always had his princely plan B despite his firm resolution not to fall back on it. Not that dissimilar from self-imposed trendy minimalists with loaded bank accounts. Makes it rather clear, why Buddhism is received favorably in Silicon Valleys across the world.

I ask myself, how would things turn out, if we, instead, had a story about Buddha returning to his palace and reforming his kingdom in line with what he realized. That is to say, not merely erasing intractable greedy people from existence and establish himself as a just leader exactly as Krishna did (after all, Siddhartha didn’t have the problem of denied access to his succession to begin with), but setting up the kingdom in a way which would be conductive to eradication of greed among “his” people in the first place. Although there is a story about king Ashoka which may bear some similarities, that king was clearly no Buddha, merely a devoted patron. Hence also the results.

On the other hand, Jesus was an entertainer. You will always find him either headlining a performance event, on an after-party picnic, or just hanging around. Makes me wonder, what difference would it make, if we, instead, read, “When Jesus was repairing roof on Phillip’s house in Bethsaida… (insert Simon and Peter, the blind man, or feeding the multitudes),” or “The day after Shabbat, Jesus was with villagers working in the fields. When the lunch break came, they searched for some figs to eat and found two fig trees…” But no, we always get a guy who is up there on the stage, high to look up to.

Ever since I remember, people always told me to get a job. For more than a decade they are dumbfounded when I say that I have one, just no income. After all, how do you evaluate priceless? And I do my duty I owe to my vocation despite all those irrational demands of transactional society. Written like that it may sound like chore or some hard work and effort, but when you love what you do… :shrug:

Don’t envy me or search for excuses why it’s not possible for you, simply try it yourself. It’s worth every second. But you must actually do it, not just thinking how great it would be if you did it.

I really don’t know what are you waiting for. The time is always running out. Are you per chance doing something you don’t love? Because that would explain it perfectly.

Hm ;)