New World Order

Sender Spike
6 min readJul 24, 2022



The last few years have shown us without a slightest shadow of the doubt that an overhaul of our social contracts, as the catchphrase of the zeitgeist goes, is long overdue. One may get lost in the plethora of propositions how to go about it but all trends fit within two distinct extremes.

On one end of the spectrum there is a vision of a liberal business and technology centered secular society, on the other end is then a yearning for a legalistic religious monarchy. And while there are very few outright transhumanist libertarians or clero-fascist fundamentalists, every proposition is basically a mixture of these two poles as even anarchists or communists nowadays fit somewhere between being secular idiots and pseudo-religious bigots.

This dichotomy is nothing new however, and it was well known to our ancestors. After all, it reaches back to two major strains of development of Sumerian model of hierarchic civilization as represented in its purest form by examples of Ur and Arslantepe, and which could be seen also in the not so clear cut but still visible antipodes of Athens and Sparta.

Today, the clearest example of this duality is the clash of forces in Ukraine, but, even before the war, this polarity was present in the modern world as liberal and conservative policies, as free market versus state control, and others.

It’s basically a mixture of brittle clay of social and technological progress that counterbalances the negative social aspects of the ruler’s iron fist. Truly, rather unstable feet for a society to stand on, and the reason why all incarnations of Sumer, aka Babylon, are bound to fail and crumble.

Thus, when I think about new order of society, one which in current global setting cannot not be worldwide, I see few crucial points.

1. No priests

No matter their original purpose, religions are useless. They may serve as a way to create social bonds but only at the expense of indoctrination. That is, they serve as a tool to uphold the status quo thinking. They have nothing to do with their proclaimed purpose (i.e. revealing the truth) and that is equally valid for religious religions, so-called spirituality, as well as secular religion of academia but also PR, advertisement, or political ideology.

After all, there is no difference between Pope, Highest Patriarch, Chief Rabbi or Brahmin, venerable Saint or Guru as a head of a sect, or even a rector (literally “a ruler”) of a university or a skilled propagandist. They all preside over, or work for, organizations rife with politicking, intrigue, and deception only to keep their influence and power. Which is not a bug but a feature.

The remedy for now is simple. Study actual science, conduct experiments. Don’t rely on academic or popular interpretations. Test the “inner mystical truths” for yourself. Don’t rely on theological explanations and commentaries which burry the occasional nugget of truth within layers of self-serving bullshit. Then you can make up your own damn mind.

And yes, that means that traditional sources such as Bible, Vedas, Gita, Avesta, or Pali Canon, but also the plethora of relatively modern attempts from 19th century onwards are more or less useless as standalone guides to truth. Without a person who will filter out all idiocies out of them you will go in circles. And at that point, provided that the person who provides you with the guidance is not a fraud, you basically don’t need those books anyway.

And, of course, you can safely ignore all advertisements. After all, no one can promise you as much and as effectively as a propagandist can. And the more populist the more grandiose the vow.

But — imagine a society which does not obstruct the truths because there are no people whose livelihood depends on deceiving you. Hence, new world order must be one with no priests of any kind.

2. No warriors

Now this one is pretty straightforward. No matter how you slice it and what noble lies you tell yourself, you must be a morally bankrupt individual to willingly go for a license to legally kill or persecute other people.

Of course, I can already hear the objections. After all, the rationalizations of the existence of armed forces of any kind are well known. One of the main arguments goes something like this, “We have armies because our enemies have armies and we must protect ourselves.” Another argument then explains that we have police in order to keep accountable all those who don’t listen to priests and the law they sanctify.

If you ask me, the first argument is pretty ridiculous. If people knew the truth, and I mean the absolute truth (or the truth about our nature), which priests either work hard to obscure in order to keep their power or don’t care about because they are too preoccupied with keeping their power, there would be no need for any army. Period.

When it comes to police, the same applies. In a world where you know who you are and thus don’t crave your neighbor’s “belongings” (including life), there’s no need for law givers, judges, attorneys, notaries, et cetera. Thus, there’s also no need for enforcers such as police or executors. That also means no need for leaders such as kings or politicians.

So, imagine a society where no ideology and no resource needs to be protected by laws and arms. Imagine a society where an occasional and inevitable genetic psychopath is quickly pacified in the least harmful way simply as a way of communal help. And just as a side note, if you would meet such a person one-on-one in a dark alley not even the convoluted system we have in place today would help you in any way.

3. No merchants

I elaborated on this on several occasions so I just reiterate — priests and warriors are kept in place by transactional economy and various forms of currency as representation of arbitrary assigned values that reflect the social hierarchy. Hence the cure is gift economy. After all, if you don’t give the products of your labor for free and ask for compensation, you steal because all resources at their very core are given to you freely by Earth (which includes labor of animals and plants). In the new world order there’s no need for businessmen, accountants, economists, tax collectors, and so on and so forth. Gift economy has also the added benefit of eliminating almost all causes for envy and greed, hence it further weakens all arguments in favor of laws and their enforcement. Simple as that.

4. No proletariat

This one is just an aesthetic point to keep the list nice and tidy and make it reflect the castes as they are known for the last almost six millennia, and which were born as a result of hierarchic social order in Sumer. After all, if there are no other castes, even existence of proletariat becomes redundant. And with it also the perverse notion that its dictatorship holds the key to a just society (obviously, if proletariat dictates there must be some other subservient caste, but let’s not go into the details of deluded ideas of red fascism).

Well, and that’s it. Pretty simple. And if you say that it is impossible, go to the first point and ask yourself what stupid ideology or what kind of fear prevents you from changing your ways, thus making the change impossible.

So, are you ready for the new world order?