Sender Spike
3 min readMay 16, 2022

They say that money makes the world go round, but let’s not mince words. If you are an employer, you are simply a pimp. If you are an employee, you are a sellout who whores themselves out. And if you rely on donations, you are but a beggar.

They also say that root of all evil is the love of money. However, I say that it’s the money itself that is the root of everything what’s wrong with how the human beings live. It’s the transactional nature of our economy which could not survive without money that seals it and marks everyone’s minds and deeds with evil.

There is not a single piece of land not owned, not a single tree or animal not claimed by someone. And of course, everything has a price tag on it. How ignorant are then the boastful claims of economic independence. And no, the form of money makes absolutely no difference. Coin, cash, virtual, crypto — all the same shit.

Yet, the cure is simple. How hard is to just give and not ask anything in return?

People argue that they should be rewarded for the toil they endure. To which I can only say that if you are not willing to do what you do for free, you should not be doing it in the first place because your sole motivation is money and your job is, more often than not, an utter waste of time and resources. In other words, useless.

People therefore argue that money motivates. Because who would otherwise do the nasty but essential work? Well, I’m not paid for mowing the lawn in front of my house, washing the dishes or cleaning my room, yet I do it nonetheless even if it’s boring and oftentimes a chore. I do it because it has to be done and it won’t be done miraculously by itself.

And of course, if money was not involved, we would not have nasty doctors who see their patients only as a source of income, judges who go for bonuses for each sentenced adult person (and an extra for an adolescent), or district managers (aka politicians) who can’t even fathom that their job is to serve, that is, ensure that infrastructure of their entrusted area works smoothly.

Everybody can save me their “but.” It’s really as simple as that. If we simply took the money out of the equation, we would be left with a lean and efficient system where everyone would give what their heart directs them to give, where everyone would have access to all they need, and where there would be no place for corruption as greed would have little to no footing. We would be also spared of all the useless junk we are today forced to believe we urgently need or want.

Now such civilization would be really civilized. But until then — suffer, toil, and rationalize away why you cannot give.

Good luck.