Messianic Complex

Sender Spike
2 min readJul 31, 2023

There are a lot of self-proclaimed Messiahs these days. Even if I discard the really comical ones, those whose YT videos remind me of fortune tellers and mediums on teleshopping channels, it tells me that people are waking up to their true nature indeed.

Still, the common thread among all these people, women and men alike, is that they want to end the era of kings by becoming one themselves. How stupid is that?


Dear Messiahs, considering that every human being has some Messianic belief in their culture, it’s only natural that at some point this archetype starts to reflect back at us. We begin to understand that we are the same as those illustrious saviors in our stories. Hence, if you feel like you are unique, chosen, and (a reincarnation of) a promised redeemer, you are not mistaken.

However, you are certifiably crazy, if you think you are special in some way. Your psychological projection is merely telling you that those who you subconsciously revere were exactly the same kind of flesh-and-blood people as are you and as is anyone else. We are all Messiahs. Don’t let your ego worship your self. That’s the final trap.

Well, it was not for nothing that Lin Chi famously commented, “If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him,” or why Dogen’s teacher allegedly told him after attaining samadhi, “Now forget even that you are enlightened.

The divine and self is same in you and me.