Is There a God?

Sender Spike
2 min readNov 13, 2021

I bet you heard about the teapot which Bertrand Russel lost somewhere in the Solar system. It is rumored to orbit between Earth and Mars, but it is so tiny that, even using the best telescopes at hand, Bertrand could not find it. What’s more, even today no one can fly there to recover it. Hence, since there is no proof that the teapot isn’t actually there, one must assume that it is there. Which, of course, is absurd and quite ridiculous.

Since its inception, this analogy served to show that while absence of evidence is not evidence of absence it is also no rational ground to assume existence of something. Simply speaking, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, so until you can prove that God exists, shut up and calculate.

This is basically the hinge point of the whole debate that people who are utterly ignorant about God wage today. One side of the barricade says, “Prove to me that God exists,” while the other retorts, “Prove to me that there is none.” All the while both sides base their argument on the assumption that God cannot be proved.

And that is patently wrong because God can be proved.

However, this proof cannot be found in apparent miracles, anomalous access to information, or fancy experiences on the verge of death. The unassailable proof of God rests in self-knowledge. It is the unshakable knowledge that is realized in the instant that is traditionally known as spiritual enlightenment even though it has nothing to do with any spirit whatsoever. That is also the only way to bring God into the scientific territory of falsifiability and predictions.

Of course, to reach that knowledge one needs faith. The same kind of belief all chemists need when they are about to mix hydrochloric acid with sodium hydroxide in order to get sodium chloride and dihydrogen monooxid. But of course, while to an uneducated person the transformation of two lethal chemicals into benign salt and water, which we use every day, amounts to magic, chemist already knows what’s going on.

So, don’t be a loudmouthed ignoramus or soft-spoken nincompoop, be a chemist of the Self. After all, you already are that which you seek, but the actual realization makes all the difference in the world.