Sender Spike
2 min readSep 1, 2022

God is in plain sight. If you cannot see God, it’s just because you are searching for an idolized image which exists only as your fantasy. Of course you will never find such god. Of course you will be stuck with vain and blind faith only. Similarly, the so-called supernatural is perfectly natural, physical even. If you cannot reliably invoke magic, if your sorcery has no practical purpose and is devoid of power, it’s because you just play mind games with yourself.

You may be convinced that it all works and is exactly as it exists in your head, but only until you confront the world. Then the world will laugh at you and set your illusions straight. At least it will try — most illusions are rather persistent and don’t simply cease when confronted with reality. Just look at all those delusional geriatric folks with access to nuclear and other weapons; see all those who obsess about their ambitions whatever those are.

Frankly, I shudder every time when I imagine the amount of mental gymnastics and pretzel-twisting people force upon themselves in order to maintain their delusions intact. The constant fear of the falsehood coming apart at its seams at any moment. The trembling in horror in the face of the unimaginable, though paradoxically desired, freedom rendering the lie void. The violence they inflict upon world to prove it wrong. Well, I’ve been there and done that too.

Hence I’m thankful and feel enormous relief that I’m out of that constant striving and clinging always trying to defend the indefensible. After all, idolatry is truly like a giant leech that literally sucks life out of its host. It mercilessly turns its victims into automatons with set worldviews and ensuing modes of behavior. And it’s so subtle and devious that there can be even a robot masquerading as an awakened or enlightened guru, a pre-programmed teacher of distorted truth, the authority to appeal to in order to safeguard the deceit. Ultimately, vanity is Devil’s favorite sin.

What can I say — don’t feed the parasite. Allow the truth to be as it is. Then you will see God more clearly than you can see the Sun on a cloudless day.