Human Nature

Why it does not matter whether we live in a simulation

Sender Spike
3 min readSep 2, 2023

Truth are facts. They are always in plain sight, it just so happens that human is more often than not oblivious to the … fact. Reality is consistently evident, it’s only people who are, almost universally, blind to it.

Take for example animals. People will usually assume that those wild fellows are naturally shy and timid. Yet, very few realize that animals avoid people because they simply know us. Where alligators and antelopes can coexists few feet apart, even a faint scent of human almost always causes an instant upheaval.

No wonder. During the hundreds of thousands of years of our coexistence, animals learned the hard way that human is a violent beast that should not be trusted. Not even at arm’s length. After all, and even though animals don’t fully grasp the nature of human tools, human is clearly seen as a source of death and danger even from afar.

Of course, I’m talking neither about predators who are confident enough to know that they could stand their ground even in the face of a human, nor deer of Nara, marmots, squirrels, raccoons, pigeons, or similar whose latest generations learned that tourists predominantly equal snacks.

Still, even in (most of) those cases when the human rejoices in their naive re-connection with nature you will notice the utmost caution and wariness with which the cute fluffy creature comes to get the offered treat. As I said, animals know human bloody record and the long and cruel history of our mutual relations.

Similar dynamic applies to all human knowledge, or rather, ignorance — although the facts stare us straight into our faces, we mask those realities with euphemisms that put humans in a light of a particular preference. Hence, human calls murder an act of justice; ruthless hunting is dubbed competition; complicity, whoring, or theft are shrugged off as a lack of options; and so on and so forth.

Naturally, this perversion tints even human ontologies.

Like, what does it matter if this world is a simulation, part of a multiverse with gazillion dimensions, or just a thought of a non-existent mind? How does that affect who you are? Will your nature change depending on the answer? Will the facts that are be any different?

Obviously, no. You are what you are and no human description of the world will change a thing about it. Moreover, human being is a product and part and parcel of its environment; a lump in and of the universe.

And although human perception, as all existing types of perception, naturally evolved to fit the needs of our species and can be thus hardly considered as objective — or perhaps precisely because of that — we can know reality and the nature of all that is only by thoroughly knowing ourselves.

Therefore, while you don’t know yourself, you are just a murderous beast, an environmental menace ruled by its (predominantly sexual) instincts living at the mercy of semi-random circumstances. You are simply the worst of all known animals, who, at least, live up to their full potential day in day out.

So, stop bullshitting yourself. Your beliefs and speculations mean nothing. Your polite kindness, generosity, or political correctness — even your rejection of thereof — mean even less. No matter what dance you dance to feel good about yourself and to make being in your skin somewhat bearable, nothing can change the nature of what is as it is.

See that. In fact, you already do anyway. Everyone knows the truth even if only subconsciously. It’s enough to become aware of it and accept it. I don’t say it’s easy, but it is definitely as simple as that.