Fractal Evolution

Give me one miracle and I give you the whole Universe, even its multi-version if desired. That is in essence all what we know about the birth of cosmos. The rest is, however, quite a different story. Backtracking our human evolution, we can derive the mechanics that rule us, as well as those that we rule over, with astonishing accuracy. From a human perspective, there seems to be a pattern to it all, but lets start at the beginning.

Examining the primordial stages of the manifested world, we can see how four fundamental forces governing just a handful of components of matter emerged due to a still not completely understood process. From the standpoint of every other shape into which the universe turned itself afterward, this minimal set of behaviors became absolute. It is the reason why the phenomenal world feels solid — not because the matter is material, but because the rules shaping that which we call matter influence and restrict all what follows.

The aforementioned fundamental behaviors (of universe!) were (and continue to be!) so efficient as to be able to coalesce universe into bodies. Mostly celestial ones, but once a certain threshold of complexity was reached, eventually another level of formation emerged. It was the one we usually call life. Even though at this point the rules governing life were already quite complex (and the degrees of freedom thus increased too), their potential to impact further transformations of universe at its core (and/or at large) diminished.

This went on until life evolved into life forms that were complex enough to make the emergence of mind and awareness possible. Mind and with it awareness thus established the first meta level — the very first virtual representation of universe (yet, of it).

It goes without saying that this development rested on previously established fundamental behaviors of universe as well as life-governing rules that evolved from those fundamental ones as finer and more complex guidelines enabled by the rise of ever more complex bodies. And of course, this new layer introduced its own set of rules conditioned by the life-governing ones etc.

Currently the last known confirmed step was emergence of symbolic thinking within mind. I am talking about the process that creates worldviews and egos in the same-similar way as body establishes mind. Again, this process is the result of refinement and application of inherited behaviors combined in various ways in order to meet criteria of environment. One may argue that human attempts at AI are the third meta level, but something feels off. Maybe its the medium.


Usually, we look from within ego toward universe. Ego reflects “I”. As it is the most refined reflection of such kind known to humans, it can be dazzling. It’s easy to fall in love with the image and worship the mirror. At the same time, ego is most flexible in terms of adaptation. Then again, even though its reach is absolute within the realm of worldview (which is equally as malleable as ego), it can reach the universe predominantly as an action of the body from within which the ego operates (which, of course, includes exchange or sharing of information on all levels).

Now, ego is constantly shaped by worldview dependent on awareness of what’s going on in the mind defined by its own as well as spatiotemporal circumstances of the body it appears as. From a different perspective, worldview can influence awareness, mind can influence body (action, and even placebo or psychosomatic effects); similarly, body acts on universe, awareness on mind, and ego on worldview.

Well, and then there is that which is neither and yet it’s all of the above.

Anyway, it is interesting to think about what our archetypes would be, if we were all fully functional hermaphrodites or if we reproduced by splitting ourselves in half. Or what is the scaling of influence of mind or ego on the seemingly rigid universe. Or from which aforementioned level this article was born…




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