Divide and Conquer

Sender Spike
2 min readNov 23, 2023

You don’t build walls from the middle. You build them from the sides they will separate. Allegedly, residents of some infamous urban areas refer to their neighborhoods as trenches or front lines. Makes sense. After all, there are other places where this is brought to the extreme and is literally the case. Meanwhile, billionaires are locked in their luxurious prisons and penal colonies. Despite all of the rich and socially powerful securing their status because they’ve got their hands on the wall-building itself. Thus, the mantra goes…

Walls delineate.
You are free within your cell.
Don’t dare to escape.

Well, play stupid games, win stupid prizes. If you demand walls, your reward is jail. And yes, the wall-builders’ confinement will always be a bit more convenient and they will also have the final word on where the walls will run in the end. Yes, you can try to fight it, but you will either fight for position or fight popular demand. Thus, the fight is always just between factions of wall-builders and their fans, and the concerns are always just the floor plan and topography of the wall system.

Like, how about not demanding the walls in the first place?

The greatest irony is then that this race of naked monkeys infected with a wall-building mental parasite — a thought virus, if you will — hopes to create a tool in the image of their mind that would not exhibit the symptoms of said infection and cure the civilizational ills which the infection in question caused. Lol. On the other hand, there are many famous people who are in that specific field simply because they see the tremendous wall-building potential of the technology.

So yeah, drop your walls finally, resistance is futile either way :D