Day Nine

How do you like WWIII so far? Amused? Enraged? Scared? Happy the fighting didn’t reach you yet? Afraid of economic fallout? When Putin and his junta (but also Xi Jinping, etc.) look towards the West with disdain, I must say I’m not surprised. We are indeed complacent cowards and hypocrites that won’t move a finger while our gluttony is satisfied.

After all, it’s quite ridiculous that we use billions in tax money to send weapons to Ukraine while we happily burn Russian oil and gas, commodities whose prices are driven to unprecedented levels exactly because of Russian invasion. Of course, in both cases it’s the smug and short-sighted consumer who first produces and afterwards pays the bill in both cases. All the while thousands of equally common people pay for it with their lives.

If I believed in reincarnation, I would say that one can devolve from evil mastermind to mere evil shadow of one’s former self in a fashion similar to Hugo Weaving’s characters in Cloud Atlas. I would be certain that Putin is Julius Caesar reborn. The same ambition, the same modus operandi, but thankfully, vastly different skills. Just take a look —

Be as it may, at least everyone’s colors are out in the open. Russia cannot backpedal no amount of propaganda. The same China. Trump and his sycophants cannot extricate themselves from retreating from INF treaty which is one of the main Kremlin talking points in their attempt to justify their aggression. So-called leftist anti-imperialists (Johnstone, Maté, Greenwald, Wikileaks, etc.) clearly demonstrate today that the long held suspicion of them being the “divide” part of Putin’s “strategy” sowing chaos and division was not misplaced. After all, even the people whose rights they allegedly defend are pretty clear on this part.

And the cherry on the cake is that Twitter accounts that pledge their allegiance (real or just fanboyish) to Medellin cartel, and which I will for obvious reasons neither name nor link, voice their admiration and support for Putin. Then again, it’s not a surprise as oligarchs supporting Kremlin are all former gang bosses who rose to prominence during the years after Gorbachev was ousted in a coup by Stalinist hardliners of USSR bureaucracy who in turn sit today in Kremlin and Duma. Well, birds of the feather flock together.

But the irony is that while this new Axis is indubitably what it is, the corrupt West still thinks it can not only contain it, but even profit from the whole situation. How perverted and twisted is that?

And of course also utterly naive. Remember when Russian officials insisted that they won’t invade Ukraine? That it’s just the West hallucinating? Well, good morning. Lavrov now says that they will not use nukes, and the West is just hallucinating.

And did I mention that Moscow gremlins need Ukraine’s natural resources in their quest for Europe or that they need that territory as the bridgehead?

Meanwhile, United Nations, useless as ever —

And here I am, a literal nobody, but definitely not alone, trapped between this rock and a hard place. Anyway, no matter how this all pans out, there will never be peace for the wicked. Frankly, I wish for it all to collapse.

In any case, it’s clear as day that the time we had to take out the trash out of our respective houses all across the world is long overdue.

And if we don’t do it now, then when?



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