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When we come to this world we are unsullied, without a name, don’t bogged down by concepts or intellectual knowledge. However, we are no blank canvas either.

Each of us who were conceived in a natural coital way are intrinsic, ultimately lucky winners. After all, we come from an egg that was at the right time at the right place and a sperm that won the literal evolutionary race.

While you may argue that people conceived in a non-coital way come from an egg and sperm that were at the right time at the right place too, and that they won the process of screening for fitness as well, such conceptions are already dependent on, and subject to, existing human technology and bias. Nevertheless, that’s their starting imprint.

Notwithstanding the way of how we were conceived, and although there are successful attempts at creating an artificial uterus, our prenatal development throughout all of human history up to this point happened in natural wombs. In that environment we are one body with our mothers, who literally breathe us into existence.

Now, even if people might come from artificial wombs and thus lose this prenatal sense of physical unity with another human being at some point in the future, it’s obvious that the actual development will still take roughly nine months and will go through the same stages as always.

And what a journey it is!

We start as a single cell. Then we experience reproduction by cell division and become a multicellular organism. Our cells start to differentiate into various kinds of tissues and at some point we even develop gills and tail only to lose them later, until we finally start to resemble a human with fully developed features and functioning senses. Essentially, we go through a process that roughly mimics the whole evolution of our species.

Therefore, no matter how we were conceived and in what kind of womb we spent our first few months of life, the moment we emerge from birth canal or we are carved out of our mother via C-section, both of which influence us in their respective ways but always introduce the shock of separation from our “support system”, we are already full of experiences.

Those are the events that constitute a significant part of the very archetypal templates to be later filled with actual representations which in turn come in the form of our experiences after birth. Another part of our archetypal templates, such as e.g. “irrational” fear of spiders but also other innate instincts, is ingrained in our genes, but that’s beside the point.

Let’s switch the topic for a while.

There is a hot debate and no actual agreement what constitutes fascism. Most people treat it in a manner of, “I know it when I see it,” which results in the label of fascism being assigned to practically anything a particular person takes issue with. Which, quite ironically and as I will demonstrate, may be rather logical and not as far fetched as it may seem at first glance.

The term “fascism” comes from Roman “fasces”, a bundle of birch rods surrounding a two-handed axe tied together by a ribbon into a cylinder. It was a portable kit for flogging and decapitation used to punish people for breaking the Roman law of twelve tablets, the sword of Damocles always hanging over the heads of Roman citizens. The actual symbolism of fasces, although disputed, was then most probably that of strength through unity and subservience to this ideal under the threat of physical punishment.

The motive of strength of bundle of rods as opposed to the strength of each rod individually can be found as early as in Aesop’s fable about an old man and his sons, but similar stories, which came more than a millennium later, can also be found as parts of national myths of Bulgaria or Slovakia (the latter of which draws its beginnings from Great Moravia — see story about Khan Kubrat and story about Svatopluk’s Twigs respectively).

Seen in this light, fascism is thus nothing more than a social structure held together by a singular ideology and a threat of grave repercussions if said ideology is violated.

In case of a state, it implies a country where you must comply with the unifying precepts lest you suffer physical consequences. The description not only fits all states of today, but the concept itself predates Rome by almost four millennia. Voila, we are back in Sumer, which was held together by priestly ideological dictates and kingly military power.

It’s therefore not surprising that every state that follows the Sumerian model of state is not only fascist but also clerical. You will always find some “holy” book, a manual of sorts, that serves as a hinge point. Be it Gita, Bible, Mein Kampf (the latter two also brutally nationalistic and xenophobic), or what have you. Of course, in order to serve as clero-fascist manuals, all those books rely on deception, fabrications, misrepresentations, and outright lies to obfuscate the occasional nugget of truth that must be present in order for those books to be effective.

However, this phenomenon does not pertain to states only. There were (and continue to be) attempts to create societies and unified groups of people from scratch but on the same basis. Ever wondered why there are Mormons, Scientology, Theosophical Society, Urantia Association, or Sadhguru and his “ashram”?

While it’s true that those modern attempts at screwing people rely only on the already cultivated gullibility at best or socioeconomic threats at worst, their aim is the same — to create a unified, brainwashed group of people that is easy to manipulate, and thus dominate and exploit. More often than not it’s simply about money. But even in cases where it may be just about (almost hidden) self-aggrandizement (Theosophy, Urantia, heaps of New Age bullshit, etc.), the enormous damage done to a human being, their archetypal vocabulary and psyche in general, is the same.

It’s not so hard to see why every social structure today was already labeled as fascist. It’s simply because it really is.

And so, we are all born clean and perfect, exactly as original Adam or Eve (in a very rare cases as both), into a clero-fascist nightmare. Wherever we look, there is a clero-fascist institution, that is, an organized group of indoctrinated people. We are slowly molded and conditioned, pushed and shaped, until we succumb to the pressure and, subsequently, do the same harm to all who are born after us. Be they our kids, their kids, or total strangers. And their kids.

How to escape such predicament?

Well, let’s start by putting away all those clero-fascist manuals. We don’t have to burn them, putting them in libraries as testaments and stark reminders of our rather shameful and misguided cultural detour might be more appropriate. But we simply must stop taking them seriously or at face value. After all, we have all what we need to be perfect people right from the outset, from the very moment we are born.

Many are scared by such prospect, but imagine how the first person who became self-aware might have felt. Imagine what the very first human who became intoxicated might have experienced. Imagine how the first person who discovered that we are the universe aware of itself might have thought.

None of those trailblazers, whose knowledge was stolen and appropriated by the authors of all those perverse clero-fascist manuals, relied on a book or previous reference that would interpret their experiences for them. Be like them. Then you will know that the truth revealed is the real deal. And you will know that, because such truth will set you free.

Suffice to say, only unity of such free but obviously diverse individuals can establish a working sustainable society and civilization. Technically, such society does not even need to be established because it simply emerges.

However, I must stress, and I will say it in a way that is almost primitive, science is your friend. Listings of findings and descriptions of observable mechanics are useful tools that simply expand on the ones we are born with. After all, and in all likelihood, I would not be able to write this piece, if I had not at least some knowledge of physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, or archaeology.

What’s useless are interpretations. You don’t want the world to be defined for you. You want experiences, you want verifiable facts and tools to verify those facts for yourself. So, in addition to clero-fascist manuals, you don’t want the likes of Sheldrake or Chopra either. But yes, chances are, you simply don’t know that yet.

Well, but now you know.



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