Sender Spike

Sure, I’m immortal. More precisely, I can not not-be. Birth and death make no sense in such context. Nevertheless, I’m grateful for what I could see in this incarnation so far. If possible, I don’t want to look at the world through the eyes of an abused child. If possible, I don’t want my parents to impose a worldview on me. Well, except those few basic rules, such as don’t hit your classmates, don’t steal their belongings, don’t make them carry the responsibility for your actions, don’t badmouth them or lie about them, or don’t envy them. Imagine multiplying that by few billions. On the other hand, one cannot imagine it in any other way.

In order to know
What is the correct action
You must see yourself.

Sitcom society of aping monkeys buries its self-created idols departing singing that they still haven’t found what they were looking for. We know our lifestyle is ridiculous with no dignity whatsoever, but we gladly die on that hill because we believe our mythic lore which celebrates that very life as poetic and thus also meaningful. That’s why there is Manzoni’s canned shit, I guess.

One must be crazy,
Irresponsibly blind 2
God taking a dump.

Universe, body, mind, awareness, worldview, ego. Out turns in, turns out, turns in, turns… Thinned out density of influence and substance. Number of rules that govern a realm is inversely proportional to their strength and cogency. As above, so below. When viewed from within, the One that is seventh, that without other, sports self-similar patterns with every skin. That endless point in infinite moment breaths the whole cosmos right now.

Layers in layers;
Outer shapes the innermost,
Tinting the vision.